Friday, 29 August 2014


This post is going to be a bit different from animals and flowers, it's about artists and their concerts. Since 2008 I developed a love for concerts from attending my first one at the age of 16. This was Kylie Minogues 2008 tour. I attended this concert not knowing that this night will change my life forever. I watched as the arena doors opened, seeing all these people getting excited and screaming just for a few hours of listening to music that they have already listened to from a person who is in the media quite a lot. When I went to my seat and saw the arena fill up I sat there gazing at how big this place is, and amazed at how so many people are willing to be cramped together to share the same experience. Then once the arena filled after a good few hours the curtains dropped and the show started, this was when I was hooked all night and for life on this one moment. It wasn't to do with all of the fancy costumes and makeup, expensive set or about how much money will be earned in the night, to me it was about what was felt. I felt nothing but acceptance and happiness along with joy and excitement. This is what makes me so passionate about live performances and shows, it is making everybody share something special together and forget about all the bad things in their lives and just have a good time, even if it is for a few hours that will fly by quick. Watching in amazement the camera and light people along with sound made me think how these people must feel knowing their job is making thousands of people so happy in one night, thinking about this made me think about me, and whether I could be a part of this? There was nothing and is nothing that says I can't be a part of a production team or working with cameras, sound and events. My dream was then born.

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